Do you know your baker? If not, you will better know him after reading this article.

Terry is a trouble-shooter, a problem-solver. He like puzzles. And likes untying knots (string, laces, rope, jewelry, etc.). Most likely this has allowed hime to be a successful computer programmer - slash - IT Professional for three decades.

He is a voracious reader. His favorite genres are: Mysteries (cozy and otherwise), Science Fiction (especially Steampunk, and Dystopian), Fantasy, and Cookbooks (the more narrative and technical the better).

He has been known to get lost for hours in a dictionary paying close attention to the etymology of words and finding connections to other words.

He is extremely curious and loves to learn. He wants to know how things are made and how they work. He loves to experiment, tweak, and adjust. And loves to cook. Baking gives him the nerdy chemistry, structure and discipline that he craves.

While cooking gives way to way to his avante-garde spirit. (Sometimes he gets them mixed up.)

He likes variety. When he's driving, he wants to discover all the different ways to get to the same location. If he returns to a restaurant, most likely he'll order something he's never ordered before.

He considers himself to be an artist. And finds beauty everywhere. He loves to laugh. He's that individual at the movies laughing louder than others especially at the small, witty remarks or facial expressions others seem to miss.