Testimonials & Reviews

In our modern day, people use the phrase "break bread with someone" when talking about sharing a meaningful experience over a meal. Eating is an emotional experience, and that is why we at Rêver Artisan Bakery take our "labors of love" seriously. We start with the finest ingredients, add the "magic" of artistic baking techniques, and finish with excellent customer service. The result is a positive emotional experience for each and every one of our customers. Following is what our customers have to say about us:

We placed our order on Friday but live out of town. The team at Rêver worked to ship out our order and it arrived yesterday. We made pizza and the crust was crispy, fresh, and full of flavor. This morning I made egg in a hole with the sliced French bread. Again the crust is crispy, the flavor was perfect and as expected. Thanks for putting in the extra work to ship it to us. You rock!

I am on my second round of orders. We have tried the pizza crust, baguettes, and the sandwich bread. All were perfect and I highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

Terry made my family 3 loaves of bread and a stunning cake. He put so much love and thought into it you could taste it!!
The bread was amazing every single way we ate it, cinnamon French toast was incredible.
The cake was rich moist chocolate with peanut butter cups and ganache....delicious.
— AC H.

Today we picked up several pizza crusts and a loaf of sliced sandwich bread. We devoured two slices on the way home- light and airy with that chewy crust. It was with a good deal of effort that we saved some for sandwiches and we can’t wait to try the cinnamon swirl brioche for french toast.

Hot and fresh beignets delivered to my doorstep?! How wonderful. Great service, and great baked goods!

I have never had a product here that wasn’t amazing. The most recent purchases of mini monkey bread and sliced french bread was fantastic. Terry is a great chef who is passionate about his craft. If you have an idea and its not on the menu, let him know he loves to experiment

Lovely challah, sweet and moist! We will be regular customers for sure.

Best challah I have ever had! Will definitely order again! Thank you

The pumpkin spice cupcakes were amazing! And they made pickup order very convenient. Will definitely be going back to try out more!

I ordered the Challah and it was delicious. The flavor was spot on but a tiny bit denser than what I’m used to. I asked if they’d ever consider having the second rise go a bit longer and they graciously did so! The hardest part is trying not to eat the entire loaf in one sitting!! Just really happy I don’t live next door because I’d be 500lbs by now.

Chef Terry Don Ramsey and his wife, Dana Shalom Ramsey brought a French Bâtard, and a loaf of French Sandwich Bread with them to an Eight Course Classic French Dinner that I prepared especially for them.

To me there is nothing more exciting than a good French Bâtard, and the one from Rêver Artisan Bakery doesn’t disappoint.

It had an attractive appearance that visually seduced me and stimulated my appetite. When I squeezed it, its golden brown crust crackled, as if singing to my appetite with the words: “Please eat me!”. Its yeasty aroma was a little bit sweet, a little bit toasty. There was a good marriage between its crust and its interior La Mie, or crumb. The crumb was pillow soft and when pressed, it sprung back rapidly. Its color was off-white and its cavities were widely distributed and uneven in size. Its nutty, buttery taste was both sweet and savory: Like a good chardonnay!

It was the perfect accompaniment to a fine, French meal, and better than anything I could have found at my local market. (I believe you would need to travel to France, and find a Boulangerie in order to duplicate the taste.)
— DON R.