The most popular sandwich in Germany is not even German, it's Turkish!  Regardless of the fame of the butterbrot, it seems that Germans can’t get enough of the Döner Kebab.

The Döner is a Turkish creation of meat, often lamb, but not necessarily so, that is seasoned, stacked in a cone shape, and cooked slowly on a vertical rotisserie. As the outer layers of the meat cooks, it's shaved off and served in a pita or other flatbread with vegetables and sauce. Döner is the "mother," as it were, of the Arabic shawarma, Mexican al pastor, and the popular Greek gyros.

Although the sliced meat can be served on a platter with rice and cooked vegetables, it's most popular as a sandwich eaten as fast street food. You might find tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, red onion, or pickles inside the sandwich, and the sauce might be a Greek yogurt-based tzatziki or a Middle Eastern tahini.

n celebration of German Sandwich Day, Chef Don Ramsey (our webmaster) has crafted a recipe for the most popular sandwich in Germany:

The Ultimate German Sandwich!


Since most home chefs don't have giant rotisseries, my recipe shares two different ways you can get similar results in your home kitchen. It also includes recipes for two of the best sauces to serve with this sandwich: Greek tzatziki and Middle Eastern tahini.



Terry Ramsey