Our Sweet & Soulful Stuff

Baking isn't exactly rocket science, but it's detail-oriented enough that a lot of people struggle to get it right.

That's why there are so many convenience products at your local supermarket, from mixes to frozen and pre-made baked goods.

If you would like a break away from this un-awesomeness, you need to look to an artisan. Chef Terry has the expertise to create unique, scratch-made pastries and desserts and is constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of sweetness and soulfulness.

Kind of like having your own bakery chef. No. It is exactly like having your own bakery chef!

For pricing and descriptions, please click or tap on any of the images below. Images are for illustration purposes only: No two bakery products are the same, and some may be customized to match your heart, your needs and to satisfy your soul.
— Terry, Bakery Chef/Owner, Réver Artisan Bakery

Introducing Lux Sucre Desserts


A wedding is a grand celebration of your love for one another and every detail counts, especially the moment when you cut your cake. We recommend Lux Sucre Desserts for your special event.

They can customize a impressive fondant wrapped cake that will leave only crumbs and lasting memories behind.

They also offer the ultimate dessert table, customized for your event, and the ultimate candy table showcasing an array of beautiful glass containers filled with candies picked specifically to match your event!

Click or tap on photos to enlarge. Image credits: Lux Sucre Desserts.

If you are a potential wholesale customer, please contact our Sales Team at (503) 218-3677 to learn more about our products and pricing.