Rêver Artisan Bakery is pleased to announce that all the flours they now use for their bread are USDA certified organic.

Why Organic? As Maggie Glezer states in her "James Beard Foundation" award winning book "Artisan Baking" (Artisan, New York, 2000); "Organic flours are preferable, not necessarily because they taste or perform better, although they often will, but simply because they are better for the environment."

Their new product line is affectionately named their "Edison™ Varietal" bread.

The flour used is a single-variety Edison™ white wheat flour, which is milled to be 85% whole wheat. This wheat was bred specifically for maritime Northwest climates by retired Bellingham professor Merrill Lewis.

The famous Bread Lab at Washington State University adapted and improved this strain of wheat which they obtain from Camas Country Mills, in Junction City, Oregon. That is where it is stone-ground.

This line of bread is given the same 12 hour fermentation and 3 hour proofing time that is used in their French bread product line. The Edison™ flour produces a wonderful, golden crust and pale yellow "tight" crumb with a sweet, floral aroma and buttery flavor.

You will be able to obtain this bread in any of our standard forms: Sandwich loaf, Bâtard (thick baguette), Demi-baguette, and Boules (rolls): Small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Please keep an eye on us as we grow. We have a lot more dreams to come. Up next: The beginning of our Italian bread line. Ciao Bello!

Terry Ramsey