This month we feature the french bread baguette 

Where do you go to find the best French bread baguettes?

Answer: Pâtisserie 2M, 215 boulevard Raspail, Paris, France, and Rêver Artisan Bakery, 7724 SW Roanoke DR S, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA. Both have artisan bakery chefs as their owners.

One is 5,121 miles from Northwest Oregon, the other is in your neighborhood (if you live near Portland, Oregon)!

Pâtisserie 2m (2m Bakery), Île-de-France, Paris, France


A French-Tunisian baker, by the name of Mahmoud M'seddi, has won the right to supply the French presidential palace with baguettes for a year!

A total of 181 baguettes were dropped off in the morning of April 10, 2018, by Parisian bakers who wanted to participate in the 24th edition of the Grand Prix of the best Parisian baguette. 

The judges consisted of 15 members. Included were the President of the Grand Paris bakers, Guillaume Gomez, Head Chef of the kitchens of the Elysée Palace, Olivia Polski, Deputy Trade Assistant of the City of Paris, and Sami Bouattour, 2017 winner of the previous Grand Prix.

The best baguettes from Paris were tasted for 4 hours. Mahmoud M’seddi, who succeeds Samy Bouattour, will receive his prize from the hands of the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, during the bread festival (Fête du Pain) held on May 5th, 2018.
— Charlotte Robine. LePersien

French President, Emmanuel Macron believes that the French Baguette should be listed as a Unesco Cultural Treasure (just like Italy's Naples Pizza)!


French President Emmanuel Macron believes that The French baguette should be listed as a Unesco Cultural Treasure.

You can learn more by clicking on his photo (to the right).

Mahmoud hopes to bump into French President, Emmanuel Macron, during his daily deliveries of French bread baguettes to the Élysée Palace.




Rêver Artisan Bakery, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA


Bakery Chef, Terry Ramsey, does exactly the same thing that Mahmoud M'seddi did to win the Grand Prix of French Bread Baguette cooking contests.

The ingredients for the classical baguette are very simple: Flour, yeast, water and salt.

So, why is it that all baguettes are not the same?

Chef Terry discovered the secrets (same as Mahmoud M'seddi): The most important things are the fermentation, the kneading and the quality of the ingredients.

The three most important ingredients to prize winning baguettes are fermentation, kneading and quality ingredients.
— Terry Ramsey, Bakery Chef/Owner Rêver Artisan Bakery



Allowing dough to ferment for 24+ hours provides yeast and enzymes time to work their magic. They break down the knotted up proteins and the gas produced inflates the dough.

The sourdough starter that we purchase from King Arthur® Flour is descended from a starter that's been lovingly nurtured in New England since the 1700s.

Generations of bakers before us have made wonderful bread with a bit of this same bubbling brew. It is why our sourdough bread has its tangy and distinctive flavour, refined crumb structure and reassuring crust.



Kneading bread dough is a practice that dates back thousands of years. But why is it necessary to put so much time and energy into the practice? The answer lies in the proteins contained within flour, which provide strength and structure to the bread dough.

As bread dough is kneaded, these proteins line up and strands of gluten form to create a matrix within the bread dough. This matrix creates strength and structure, which traps gasses and allows the dough to rise.

When done properly, the dough will be silky and soft with a cushiony feel.

Quality Ingredients


To make superb whole grain flour, no modern technology can match the Old World engineering of a stone mill.

The beautiful stone grinding mills, such as those used at Bob's Red Mill, and Camas Country Mill, are much like the ones used during early Roman times.

Because the millstones grind at a slow speed and cool temperature, the inherent nutrients and flavor of the wheat are preserved, a production 'secret' that allows them to seal in the freshness and allow us to bake wholesome, quality foods, just as nature intended!

May, 2018 Special

20% off our Edison™ Varietal French Bread Demi-Baguettes


The flour used in our single-variety Edison™ French Bread Demi-Baguettes is milled to be 85% whole wheat: Making it not only delicious, but nutritious. It is stone ground using organic wheat bred specifically for the maritime Northwest climates.

This line of bread is given 12 hours of fermentation and 3 hours of proofing, producing a wonderful, golden crust and pale yellow "tight" crumb with a sweet, floral aroma and buttery flavor.

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