The Mission of Sparks of Hope® is to empower children who are survivors of abuse to thrive by providing special services to encourage hope, and by creating opportunities that will develop trust and healing so they can achieve lifelong success.

Established in 2011, Sparks of Hope® is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that offers direct healing services to children and teens who have been impacted by abuse; assisting child survivors by walking alongside them in their healing journey to find their courage and their voice.  Based in Portland, Oregon, Sparks of Hope® offers services statewide.

MY KITCHEN is a hands-on learning program; A series of basic nutrition, planning, shopping, and cooking classes for at-risk youth and families.

They have partnered with organizations like Impact Northwest, The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, and Kings for Kids to offer hands on, “real food” cooking classes.

These are not classes that focus on a career in the culinary arts, but instead cover the primary skills and techniques required to plan, shop for, and cook healthy, affordable meals at home, using basic cooking equipment that these young people are likely to have available starting out on their own.


Embrace Compassion is a grass roots organization in Oregon that partners with a beautiful rural village in Ethiopia to encourage family preservation, education, job creation and humanitarian relief. Their Bright Spot sponsorship program encourages children to stay in school with simple needed supplies like shoes, uniforms, school supplies and hygiene materials. The also work in the same area with the families to produce clean water, share medications to take away intestinal worms and vitamins to prevent night blindness. They partner with each family for what makes sense for them to succeed, because each family is unique.

Some of the ways they have partnered in this village have been with solar power, sewing lessons and machines, 5 pure water wells that serve 5000 weekly, ear evaluations and training for a local medical helper, women’s hygiene support, food sharing, small business grants, farming supplies and training. They have also produced a coloring book in the local language that shares truth about love and being a good neighbor.