Things You Can Do With our Sandwich Bread


Ah, bread. Hands down one of our favorite foods items of all time. We obviously all know and love bread as the carb-filled slices of goodness that make up our sandwiches. But that isn’t all bread can do. Oh no, bread is capable of recipes FAR more delicious than your average PB&J. To honor the versatility of our favorite carb, we’re going to share seom delicious recipes that can be made with bread that go above and beyond. Move over sandwiches.


Nothing warms the soul like a nice hot bowl of soup. And nothing warms the stomach like a bowl of extra-cheesy, bread-covered French onion soup. You can make your very own French onion soup with your Crockpot, which means . . . you’ll be needing a whole lot of leftover bread. French onion soup without bread on top is like watching a Star Wars movie that isn’t in space: Nonsense.

French onion soup is about as classic as it’s possible for a dish to be, and there are few other soups that we find as satisfying, especially during the winter time. Still, as simple as it is, actually preparing and cooking it can be a time-consuming, tricky process, especially since the key element is cooking the onions slowly and carefully to caramelize them. What do if you’re craving the tasty soup but don’t have the time to stand over the stove? The answer: get your slow cooker involved and let it worry for you! Click here for the PERFECT French onion soup: French Onion Soup Recipe.

Terry Ramsey